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Manage Your Diabetes For Life

Manage Your Diabetes For Life
People with diabetes need to make healthy food choices, stay at a healthy weight, move more every day, and take their medicine.
It’s a lot to do. It’s not easy but, we are here to help!
Our Diabetes Clinic offers the following services.
1. Holistic Management of Diabetes and it’s Complications
2. Weight Loss in Diabetes
3. Managing Obesity and Pre-Diabetes
4. Wound Care Services
5. Diabetes Foot Care Services
6. Diabetes Health Education
7. Screening for Diabetic Eye Disease
8. Consultation with our Dietitian on the importance of a Healthy Balance Diet
9. Management for Neuropathy Pain
10. Assessment and Management of Vasculopathy
11. Life Style Modification and Glucose Monitoring
12. Foot Care and Footwear Service
13. Limb Salvage Surgery
Contact us for further information or make an appointment with our Specialist Doctors.
 - +6011 1608 2588
- WhatsApp
 - 03-90103788
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