Rehabilitation is a dynamic process helping people to gain optimum physical, mental, social and vocational capacity, to become as independent as possible by increasing confidence and self-esteem, restoring personal autonomy and improving function in normal daily activities.

Our services

  1. Back and neck rehabilitation
  2. Dealing with sprain and strain
  3. Pre and Post op surgery conditions
  4. Patients with neuromuscular condition:- Parkinson disease, stroke, muscular dystrophy, Bell’s palsy / facial palsy
  5. Sports injury
  6. Geriatric care
  7. Chest physio
  8. Ante-natal / post-natal exercise


  1. Lumbar / cervical traction
  2. Ultrasound therapy
  3. Hot / cold pack
  4. Infra-red
  5. Wax bath
  6. Tens
  7. Gym
  8. Advise on posture care
  9. Suction machine
  10. Laser for prolong wound healing and pain management
  11. Gait training using walking aids
  12. Advise on proper braces & splints according to the condition