Having difficulties in breathing? Ever experienced chest pains or perhaps a decrease in stamina? Sungai Long Hospital recommends seeking a cardiologist in addressing these concerns.

Sungai Long Hospital specializes in cardiology, the medical specialty concerning heart disorders. From congenital heart diseases to coronary artery diseases, our cardiologists are trained professionals in the field related to the cardiovascular system.

From sports cardiology to physiotherapy for stroke, Sungai Long Hospital offers its patients a comprehensive and professional service for its patients. Our round-the-clock facilities and trained professional doctors are skilled in addressing the following (but not limited to):

• Hypertension

• Coronary artery diseases

• Cardiac arrest

• Congenital heart disease

• Acute heart attack


1. Diabetes, obesity, smoking, and alcoholism are the general factors that contribute to cardiovascular diseases.

2. Cardiovascular diseases have been a leading cause of death among Malaysians since the 1980s, with common factors including unhealthy food habits and sedentary lifestyle.

3. Common signs of cardiovascular diseases include: High blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and fatigue.

4. Cardiovascular conditions are genetically inheritable; i.e., a child may have a higher chance of contracting cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, coronary heart disease, etc) due to his/her parents’ medical conditions.

5. While there is no direct cure for cardiovascular diseases, treatment is possible when symptoms are discovered early on.

6. An active lifestyle, balanced diet, and abstinence from liquor and smoking are some ways to avoid cardiovascular diseases.

Sungai Long Specialist Hospital provides a Cardiology Clinic to its cardiovascular patients, where our innovative medical applications and attentive doctors provide the utmost care to our patients.

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