Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery

Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology/ENT)

Canal inflammation, allergies, and sleep apnoea – these are common symptoms often associated with the ear, nose, and throat (ENT). Problems with the ENT can vary from mild annoyance to symptoms for cancer. An early diagnosis helps to mitigate the worst-case scenario. 

Sungai Long Specialist Hospital provides ENT services in diagnosing your ear, nose, and throat for signs of ailments. From hearing loss to tumours, Sungai Long Specialist Hospital provides a wide-range of ENTrelated medical services and treatment, including:
•  Cancer of the ear, nose, throat, head and neck
•  Thyroid surgery
•  Parathyroid surgery
•  Ear inflammation (outer, middle, inner)
•  Sleep apnea
•  Hearing loss
•  Vertigo
•  Imbalance
•  Nasal obstruction
•  Sinusitis – acute, chronic
•  Environmental allergies
•  Rhinitis
•  Tonsillectomy
•  Dysphonia/hoarseness
•  Laryngitis
•  Vocal cord nodules and polyps


  1. Thyroid diseases generally consist of: hyperthyroidism (excessive hormone), hypothyroidism (insufficient hormone), and tumour. Thyroid tumours/nodules are benign in nature and require an ultrasound followed by a fine-needle aspiration (FNA).
  2. Laryngomalacia is an abnormality in the tissues above the vocal cords, often diagnosed among infants. While most cases are not life-threatening, some cases may require surgery before a child's first birthday. Symptoms include noisy breathing, also known as stridor. 
  3. Half a million cases of middle ear infection occur annually among Malaysian infants, with middle ear infection (otitis media) being the most common infection. Middle ear infection can be divided into: acute or chronic otitis media, and otitis media with effusion.
  4. Sinusitis is a nasal inflammation blocked with mucus. According to a 2021 finding, 12.8% of Malaysians suffer from the ailment. While most cases can be treated medically, endoscopy is an option for severe incidences.
  5. Smoking affects the ENT by compromising the immune system while damaging the tissues in the nose and throat. Nicotine is also known to interfere with the auditory nerves, thus causing hearing loss and tinnitus.
  6. Snoring and sleep apnoea can be distinguished based on frequency and certain symptoms. While snoring is the vibrational results of throat tissues blocking the airway, sleep apnoea involves snoring with the additional chronic condition of not breathing for a brief moment while asleep. Weight gain, morning headaches, and paused breathing are other symptoms of sleep apnoea.
  7. While both are similar in relation, sinus is not the commonly-believed ‘penyakit resdung’. Sinus refers to a hollow cavity part located within the nasal system while resdung refers to the inflammation of the sinus membranes. Medically speaking, every person is born with sinus, which can be inflamed into sinusitis, or resdung.
  8. Viral infection is the common cause of tonsillitis, which can be either acute or recurrent inflammations of the tonsils. A swab check is required to determine the cause of the infection, followed by either a home-care rest, antibiotics, or tonsillectomy.

From salivary gland surgery to mastoidectomy, Sungai Long Specialist Hospital provides a wide-range of medical services related to ENT. Consult our doctors in resolving your ailments today by contacting the following:

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